Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who Knew Florence Nightingale Had Four Legs?!

After being out of commish for five days with a hideous, inhumane, bronchial infection, I must give props to my three Florence Nightingales... Blu, Donkey and Bella. That's right, in their own special ways, my three wicked mongrels took special care of their ailing, cantankerous servant.

Donkey's role was permanent bed-warmer, and by that, I mean the jackass' ass never moved from my side. The photo below shows my exact view for the past five days.

Blu, the patriarch of the group, remained calm, composed and kept it all under control from command central - his bed.

And Bella, well she only destroyed one pair of shoes and my cell phone cover. Not too bad for an 11-month-old, crazy, one-eyed beast.

So, Each time my persistent 73-year-old, Italian mom said, "Want me to come down? I hate it you are all alone," I replied, "I'm not alone, the dogs are here."

I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. Hey Granddogs...thanks for the nursing assistance....Rachel was very ill and you helped her and me too....Oh the guilt....Grammaline

  2. Grammaline - you can rid yourself of the guilt when I visit over Thanksgiving!