Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Thank You Tony Dungy, We Don't Want Michael Vick!

Dear Mr. Dungy,
You are a noble man, yet I assure you Michael Vick is not welcome nor wanted in Buffalo! Please take your unworthy cause and move on to another team.
Thank you,
Rachel, Blu, Donkey and Bella

Tony Dungy sees Buffalo Bills as 'dark horse' to sign Michael Vick

NEW YORK — Tony Dungy says Michael Vick could potentially wind up in Buffalo, which he says previously discussed signing the quarterback.

Dungy has served as an adviser to Vick since the Super Bowl-winning coach retired from the Colts after last season. Now a commentator for NBC, Dungy confirmed during the pregame show Sunday night before Philadelphia hosted Dallas that the Bills and Vick “talked originally” when Vick was searching for a team after serving 18 months in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring.

The Eagles signed Vick to a $1.6 million contract for 2009, with a team option for the second year at $5.2 million. But he has played sparingly.

“I told Michael to just worry about this year,” Dungy said. “It’s technically up to Philadelphia. If they want him back, he has to stay there. If they don’t, there are some teams looking for quarterbacks: Cleveland, St. Louis and Washington.

“But I think a dark horse is Buffalo. They talked originally. There was some communication there. I think that could be a good spot.”

Vick has not been the weapon for the Eagles some expected and he was in for only two plays in their 20-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Vick said his focus is on helping the Eagles win a Super Bowl and not where he’ll play next year.

“It’s what I thought it would be,” Vick said. “I knew I couldn’t come in and do anything that would disrupt the rhythm of the offense and what we had going on here. I knew I was going to have to be patient.”

Bills starter Trent Edwards struggled this season before sustaining a concussion. Ryan Fitzpatrick, a career backup, has been the starter with Edwards out of the lineup.

Vick didn’t want to talk about potential teams for the 2010 season.

“Me and Tony talked about my position in the future, whether I’m here or whether I’m there,” Vick said. “We talked about it, but the primary goal is to help this team win the Super Bowl.”

Vick has completed 2 of 6 passes for 6 yards and rushed 12 times for 27 yards, mostly out of the wildcat formation.

He said he usually talks to Dungy at least once a week and receives “great advice” from his mentor. Vick, who has talked to churches and schools about the poor life choices he’s made, has enjoyed his second chance in Philadelphia.

“It’s been great,” he said. “Every day I wake up and I just thank God I have another opportunity to play football. That’s what I’m thankful for.” (article from:


  1. As a Bills fan my whole life, I would rather never win another game than to have Michael Vick as a player. Buffalo is all about the team and the team is all about the community. We want players that can enhance our team and also be role models in our community. Forgive me, but I do not see that quality in Mr. Vick.

  2. Perfectly stated my friend. I see no need for forgiveness. You speak the truth! Buffalo is the city of good neighbors. Good neighbors don't kill dogs.

  3. Okay Michael Vick
    You prick
    The Bills will take a pass
    On your sorry ass
    Our canine community
    Rues your impunity
    And enjoys equal opportunity

  4. Oh, man, Vick - ders just no excuse, U just got to chalk u da big "L" and understand dat U bad, behind da times bad!

  5. Ok one more try. We say "Hit the road, Mike, and don't you come back no more! You need to stay far, far away from impressionable young people as well as ANY animals. You are a creep."
    I do love Bella.. she is adorable and a fabulous friend. Handicapped dogs DO rule! LOVE Georgia

  6. Figured it out. I was having trouble with my computer the other day and turned off 3rd party
    cookies. Also turned off my ability to comment on anything! All fixed now! Georgia's mom

  7. Yay Betsy! Welcome! Talk about determination, girl you get the award! Thanks for posting. I am so on board with your Vick comment! Bella sends her love to Georgia! Says the special ones have to stick together! Also, if you want - check out Bella's blog. It is a work in progress, but the one-eye beast is posting away!

  8. Woof! I totally agree. Thanks for sharing. Also, just want to say Lots of Golden Thanks to your Friendship. An award is waiting for you on my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar