Monday, December 7, 2009

Supersizing in Buffalo!

Svelte Donkey

I am sitting here wondering why some dogs eat like its their last meal while others stop when pleasantly satisfied. And, wondering why cant I be a member of the latter group?! Or better yet, if I could just have Donkey's metabolism. He eats six cups of food a day and yet retains his girlish figure! Lucky bastard!

I recently returned from a trip home to Buffalo where every day I ate like I was going to the electric chair.

Buffalo is famous for it's wings (YUM), but to it's homies, the city is also known for countless other tasties! After two years away from my grazing utopia, I found it necessary to shovel-in as many of my favorite hometown morsels as physically possible.

Here is just a sampling:

Chef's spaghetti parmesan - Going to need dynamite to clear my veins - but it was worth every bite!

Mister Pizza on Elmwood Ave - cheese, oh glorious cheese!

Bob & John's on Hertle Ave. My love for this tuna sub began way back in high school. I'd been known to ditch lunch often for a trip to Bob & John's! And after all these years the tuna sub is still as delish!

Watson's chocolaty clouds of heaven! I brought a bag back for a friend (we work together). Kim's shift didn't start until 3:30pm. When I gave her the bag of sponge candy, it was half empty. Or as I like think on the positive side. It was half full!

Miraculously, I could buckle my airplane seat belt on the flight to Atlanta. I literally held my breath in order for it to lock! It was a close call.