Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ever Feel Like You Have A Monkey On Your Back?

Your morning adorable: Dog adopts orphaned macaque monkey in Thailand

Monks at the Tung Luang Buddhist temple in Thailand's Chiang Mai province recently began caring for a 3-month-old macaque monkey whose mother was killed by a hunter.

Helping them with the task of raising the young monkey is Tan, a resident "temple dog" who, Metro U.K. reports, has not only taken the monkey under his wing but even voluntarily shares his food with it! (story from:

Now MY monkey's name is Donkey and looks like this...

Imagine carrying THAT on your back!


  1. Maybe not on my back but I could pull him around on a rug☺ Love your blog. You are right - how could you consider yourself alone with dogs in the house!

  2. Thanks so much for the props - glad you like the blog! Oh yea, I am sending Donkey for his magic carper ride - best of luck with that ;)