Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gray, Gray Go Away

Why is it Donkey's fur is luxurious, velvety silver, fabulous and on me the same color is dull and wiry?! Donkey is even starting to get silver on his silver, but Donks looks distinguished and handsome. Me? old spinster'ish and witch-like, but alas, if the hair fits....

Ha! Now here is where genetics played a wicked trick on me. My parents didn't become silver foxes until well into their 60's and even now, approaching mid-70's, they are both far from fully gray and are looking fantastic!

So when I passed the bathroom mirror today and was blinded by the glare of a silver strand... and then another... and well you get the point, I was in an instant panic! How could this be? Where did they come from? And when will they stop appearing? HELP!

But then again, I suppose I should count my silvery blessings, I could be bald like my brother! (love you, J-Man)


  1. Hey, girl! Great blog! (what is that on your brother's lap, a toupee?) My younger sister went silver gray pre-maturely and her hair looks FABULOUS, but she kept trying to "dye" it blond, until I finally got through to her, and now it looks naturally great, as yours will. Or you can be like me and spend a fortune on a team of Vietnamese scientists to turn your head into a bleached implosion.

  2. Hollis! Whoohoo - a celebrity author's comment! Thanks so much for the props - I am starting to really crank it up and out! Oh yeah, and on my brother's lap is one of my roomie's long haired chihuahuas, Olive could so easily be used as my bro's toupee!