Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forfucksake - need I say more?!

Forfucksake is the word most used in my vocabulary. I am as known for FFS as I am for living with a "Donkey." I think its about time this versitile word and its abbreviation is officially added to the English language. Webster's - you can be the pioneers of the best word ever - add FFS to your dictionary. You won't regret it!

Here are just a few examples of the many uses for FFS:

When Donkey craps in the house.... FFS!
When the dogs run out of food at mealtime.... Oh FFS!
When TBonz nips at Donkey's wobbly legs... FFS TBonz, leave Donkey alone!
When work wants yet another piece of useless video sent out.... oh FFS, are you KIDDING me?!
When eating a catfish breakfast at Thumb's Up Diner ... FFS, that is good!
When catching glimpse of a delicious fireman.... FFS, he is HOT!

Forfucksake people... get the word out....lets make FFS an official part of the English language. Who's with me?!


  1. I'm with you!!!! We need to get REAL words in that damn book!!

  2. FFS! I'm soooo with you! In fact- I explained how to use the word to my sister.

  3. Ok I Love this! You're right on point!!

  4. Oh-- also-- forgot 2 tell u... saw a bunch of French firefighters just hangin out near our apt. last week in Paris... was DYING to get a pic 4 u... not the appropiate time however

  5. French Firemen?!?! Always an appropriate time to snap photos! No worries my honeymooning friend, I now have fabulous French hosed images dancing in my head! Merci!

  6. When someone at work keeps talking and won't shut up.... or .... When a co-worker starts laughing and he/she doesn't know what the hell they are laughing at. OH, FFS!