Thursday, August 28, 2008

It happened - my pants DID fall down again!

Only - this is not quite how I imagined it would happen - there was no massive loss of poundage involved.

I arrived at work tonight with all in order - well as in order as one can be while living in an abyss, known as the overnight shift, but I digress.

Back to the pants...

After working for five minutes I stood up check on some video, only to realize my zipper was down. No worries, I will just nonchalantly zip them up and continue on my way. Then a moment of panic when the reality of the situation registered. Wait a minute - there is no zipper pull!

That's right, somewhere between the parking lot and newsroom my pant's zipper imploded.

And the worst part... the pant's closure is a snap - not a button. I am getting a blister on my thumb from re-snapping, because every time, and I do mean EVERY time, I exhale, the snap bursts open with the force of a torpedo. Seriously, it could take the eye out of a small child with that kind of force. And foolish me, I continue to re-snap each time hoping it will work "this time."

Instead, I am like a grandpa on Thanksgiving who just consumed an oversized meal of turkey and all the side dishes... pants undone, gut hanging out.

Now, if only I were plopped in front of a fireplace, dozing to the sounds of football...

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  1. Now that's funny. It's 4:55AM here in Taiwan and I'm suffering from massive jet lag. It's just the picture I needed to start another long day here on the farm!! I read the original pants-falling-down episode, too. Great work Rach!!! Keep it maybe down...LOL!!