Monday, August 25, 2008

Blu goes for gold in South Carolina!

Ellie, Blu and I returned today from a weekend trip to see Jeannie (friend since 8th grade). The dogs love, love, love going to Auntie Jeannie's, where they hang-out with their buddy Gracie, are showered with love and treats (thanks Grandma D) and lounge endlessly on the lake-front deck. Sometimes they even put on their captain hats and hit the party-pontoon boat for a jaunt across Lake Murray. In all it is a dog's paradise, and not too shabby for the adults either. Another fun-filled activity - and reason for this post - the tennis court. We take the dogs to a vacant tennis court so they can run and chase balls. Ellie and Gracie chase tennis balls till they can chase no more, while Blu generally likes to take leisure laps around the court. It is pretty entertaining to watch. Well on Saturday, the old guy ran, at full speed from end to end, back and forth, for about 10 repetitions. I was stunned as I cheered my boy on. It was like he was a young, silly, happy puppy. And, I swear old Grandpa Blu was smiling! I know I was.

The photo posted here was one taken several years back. It is a favorite of mine. And while Boo-Boo is older now, with a bunch more grey, and generally slower, he still has some ziptang. Old, young, slow or fast - I love the big guy just the same and I will always cherish that day on the courts when he was a spry, happy pup at 10 1/2 years of age.

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