Monday, November 8, 2010

Pawsome Update: Tenchi has a Furever Home!

During Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet week in September, I wrote a blog entry about a sweet, special girl named Tenchi. I instantly fell in love with her and after spending three years at PAWS Atlanta, Tenchi's day arrived!

Yesterday I stumbled upon this announcement on PAWS Atlanta's Facebook page:

The BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Hope you are sitting down....... Our wonderful, perfect dog Tenchi just got adotped!!!!!! She was here for an unbelievable 3 long years and now she has found her very own forever family!!!!! There are lots of happy tears flowing at PAWS Atlanta!!!!

Check out a happy Tenchi in her new home...

Streaming down my face are
Tears of joy for Tenchi
Tears of hope for all those just like her.


  1. OH, OH, This Is So Wonderful as Well as Beautiful. Did not know about Paws ATL, and that they would keep a dog for so long!! How Wonderful for Tenchi!! Crying Too!


  2. Yay for Tenchi and her new guardians!

    Three years is an incredibly long time. It's wonderful to know there are shelters out there able to give dogs all the time they need.