Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Poop Happens!

What goes in must come out!
That's right y'all, poop happens.
Have no fear of the doodie,
I found something to make every dog owner's life a little easier.

Dogbag duffels - from
Fun, festive, lightweight, easy to use dog bag dispensers.
No more bulky, cumbersome dispensers for the SWD crappers.
I attached a dogbag duffel to Bella's leash clip on our walk and it worked like a charm!


  1. so happy for your clever discovery....I continue to think you have lost your mind!!!!!Grammaline

  2. Amazing what people come up with :-) I was always quite happy with pockets full of baggies and tennis balls.

    I find the already full baggies the bigger problem :-) Often on a walk through the woods we see bags on the ground. Somebody picked up, but didn't carry out. Would have been better to leave the poop by itself