Monday, October 12, 2009

I Would Be A Skinny Bitch If I Ate My Dogs' Food!

Seriously people. I adore my three furry mongrels and want them to live long, healthy lives. Some would say I obsess about their food. So they are fed high quality, well balanced food and yet I cant get enough butter and cream in my system. If I could figure out a way to wheel around an IV bag of melted butter with a direct line to my veins, I would! I really do love fruits, veggies, whole grains and olive oil. I just cant seem to eat them.

Perhaps I really should eat the dogs' food... after all, the ingredients are human grade. Blu and Bella eat Innova, they seem to like it. Donkey eats Eagle Pack holisitc dog food, it doesn't smell too bad. And, I would become a svelte, smokin' hot bitch.

But then again, how can I possibly eat dog food, when all I think about is flying home to Buffalo for a slice... or six, of Bocce Pizza ?! And that is only the beginning...

(Thanks to my brother Justin for emailing pic from recent trip home - bastard!)


  1. GREAT article! now, how do I post it on FB and twitter?

  2. Thanks! I wrote it after eating cold buttered popcorn for breakfast this morning. Feel free to repost blog entry by copy/pasting link at top of this page. Appreciate ya! (let me know if it doesn't work)

  3. And this is why you need to come back to Buffalo. We have oh so much in common :)

  4. fuhgettaboutit...well-known Buffalo edibles are no longer available especially the 3rd week of Nov.... seriously we are experiencing a shortage of chicken wings....Oh the horor of it all....

  5. Better fix that chicken wing shortage or I might boycott my November trip home... But then again there's still pizza and Ted's, OH yea and beef on weck, right? Tell me there isn't a shortage on kimmelweck!!!