Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CRYYYYY Baby, Dog and MOM - What a pierced nose got me!

15 years ago I pierced my nose, for the first time. When my mom saw my newly adorned nose, she stopped talking to me for two days. I took my piercing out (I was a wuss).

Fast forward 15'ish years.

Last week I pierced my nose again. And, if you ever want to get any body part pierced in Atlanta, I highly recommend Piercing Experience in Little 5 Points! They rock!

Back to mom. She saw my newly jeweled nose Saturday on Facebook and left the comment: "I HOPE THIS IS AN OLD PHOTO!" Oh I knew I was in trouble. We had a lovely conversation that same morning about everything but my nose.... until the end. The fiesty, almost 73-year old, only child, A+ personality, little Italian woman said she wasn't going to talk to me anymore - only through emails! HA, I laughed. We had already talked 45 minutes. I knew she was bluffing, but played along.

So Monday, this is what I received in my email from mom:
(along with the attached video were the words)

"This is me crying for your nose..."



  1. TOO FUNNY !!!! So, I guess what you're saying is that now is NOT a good time to tell her that Kara is requesting a purple stripe in her hair???

  2. Grammaline could be too engrossed with my "disfigurement"(as she calls it) to grasp the concept of her 5 year old granddaughter sporting a purple stripe... or not! Either way, you are one brave daughter-in-law to even consider giving her advance warning! Best of luck!

  3. I love it! I am actually planning my own nose piercing after my next (and last) Fraxel lasering. I had an eyebrow ring for years (yes, my mom cried too) that I took out because my son asked me to. He was in an East Cobb school then and none of the other PTA mommies had facial piercing. I think yours looks awesome and I can't wait to get mine!

  4. I think that if the Princess wants a purple stripe...go for it..hey..it'll wash out!!!..of course this is from one who has had a bit of purple myself:)

  5. i won't be talking to you anytime soon....have a nice life....mom

  6. instead of a purple Stripe in Sweet Kara's hair....how about a red stripe on her ASS.....

  7. Funny... I was actually on the phone with mom (aka Grammaline)when she left her first comment. See what I mean about bluffing!? That is one witty, little lady.

  8. grammaline sounds alot like my mom...she's always threatening to not talk to me anymore and then I think OK...that will save me at least 30 minutes a day to blog or do something productive....but she, because of my engaging personality just can't stay away